Tournaments & Leagues


-15min, 2 halves games
-Max of 10 players on team roaster
-Only players originally on team roaster are allowed to play (Cannot add new players to team once tournaments starts)
-Yellow card means a warning, a Red card a player is out for the current match but can play the next.
-Minimum of 4 players on the field per team to play a match.
-Goals can be scored from anywhere on the field, including directly from a corner kick. Exceptions are when ball goes out of bound on the sides, somebody has to touch it first.
-Goal Keeper when handthrowing the ball it has to bounce before midfield, if the ball goes past midfield without bouncing once after a goalie handthrow then the ball goes to the opponent team and will play ball from the side at midfield.
-No hard plays allowed, fouls will be called by reff at his own discretion.
-No sliding. NEVER. Under any condition will slide tackles be allowed, even if there is no one else around. A slide will we considered a foul.
-If the final game ends in a tie winner will be determined by penalty kicks (min of 3 per team).
-Any other situation, rule or any event not contemplated in the rules herein, will be determined and dealt by the refferree at his own discretion.
-Every 7 fouls from the same team will equal a penalty kick favoring the opposing team.